Diabetic Breafast or not

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      I Had a ruff time with diabetic diet. I came up with a different breakfast.

      I was supposed to eat oatmeal as my cholesterol was high. So instead of milk I made eggnog from powdered milk, artificial sweetener, vanilla, nutmeg and eggs.
      This replaced maple sugar syrup. I threw in some mixed berries (any fruit you like).

      And I had my protein, starch, milk and fruit all in one. It was easy.

      Eggs in a paper quart container at wall mart “cholesterol free and sterilized”, if you are afraid of raw eggs, are not too expensive.

      You can doctor this up by the fruit you add, the flavoring used, the spices you use. You can add coffee creamer and make it richer.

      I live far away from a store, so I buy and freeze the eggs. They are just fine when thawed. and of course you can use them for different things.

      They last a long time in the fridge.

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      @degauze 223933 wrote:

      I was supposed to eat oatmeal as my cholesterol was high.

      a note about high cholesterol levels, doctors will not tell you and will stick you on nasty medications that have severely debilitating side effects, but you can drastically reduce your high cholesterol back to normal levels simply by taking niacin (which is vitamin b3). My sister in laws cholesterol levels were through the Roof and her doctor wanted to put her on meds- my bro said no frigging way are you taking that crap, and put her on niacin instead.

      when she went back a few weeks later, her cholesterol was normal. she demanded to know why the doctor didn’t tell her about niacin, which is perfectly natural and cheap to boot. he said, “it’s not legal for me to give you nutritional advice on using vitamins”.

      just wow. they can poison you with their meds, but not cure you!

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