Deviled Eggs

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      Deviled Eggs
      12 eggs, hard boiled
      1/3 cup regular mayonnaise
      2 tbs prepared mustard (yellow or brown)
      1/4 cup sugar-free sweet pickle relish
      A few drops of hot sauce
      Salt (about 1/4 teaspoon, or to taste)
      Pepper to taste
      2 tbs chopped chives (not totally necessary, but good)
      Paprika, sweet, hot, or smoked, depending on your taste
      Split hard-boiled eggs, and remove the yolks.
      Mash the yolks with a fork, and mix with the other ingredients.
      Fill the cavities in the egg white, smoothing the mixture over the top (or pipe it in, or however you want to do it).
      Sprinkle paprika over the top.
      shame smilie

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      Sounds so easy! ! Thanks!

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      It is! Most people think about deviled eggs for picnics, potlucks, etc. But they are a healthy, low-carb snack to have for a change from celery, carrots, apples, etc.

      Surprise your family this weekend;-D

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