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      I made the detergent concentrate and I was amazed first off because I’m a guy 🙂 The total time it took me total was 25 minutes tops. looking forward to trying other money saving tips here. Do yourselves a favor and make the detergent.

      I can immediately see the savings.

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      Hey I’m a dude, too. I’m all about DIY, saving money, etc. etc.

      I do all the grocery shopping and most of the laundry at our house and so of course anything I can make myself for cheap is a win in my book. My wife thinks I’m a bit of a cheap@$$ lol 😛

      My wife usually just uses commercial stuff for ease and convenience, even if it costs more, has more chemicals, etc. Hopefully I can get her on board with using the laundry sauce stuff. Although if I would stay on top of the laundry then she wouldn’t even have to worry about using it.

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