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      I have a couple of hints regarding detangler.

      Mine and my dds hair is very thick curly and dry we make our own detangler by mixing conditioner with water in a spray bottle. Or mixing cocoa butter lotion with water in a spray bottle. This works great if you have the coarse dry hair that tangles.

      The other type of hair that seems to tanlgle really bad is the soft baby fine hair. I can’t offer a detangler sub for that hair type but I found that by keeping our hair braided as much as possible especially at night it really cuts down on the tangles. I rebraid my dds hair every morning. Shesleeps in her braids at night. I keep mine twisted up during the day in one of those claw things and at night I try to braid mine before going to bed.

      We both have hair to our waists.

      So if you do the braid thing that may cut down on the amount of detangler you need.


      in VA

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