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      We don’t have insurance and nor a lot of money. Is there a dental school or office that would pull a tooth at a low price? This tooth must be pulled immediately.

      Amy wrote: I work in a dental office and deal a lot with ins. Individual ins.
      usually is not worth the money. Normally it does not include major
      coverage or it has 12 to 18 month waiting periods.

      Also insurance does
      not cover at 100% for anything other than check-ups and there is
      maximum the ins. will pay each year ($500-$1000). To figure out if it

      is worth it, find out an estimate of the work to be done. If you add
      your copay and the amount you pay for the insurance, it is usually more
      than the cost of the procedure. On the other hand, if you do not have
      insurance you can ask the dentist about a discount for cash payment.


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