Deluxe Make Ahead Pie Crust

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      Deluxe Make Ahead Pie Crust

      Makes six single crusts or three double crusts.

      8 cups flour

      3-1/2 cups shortening

      2 tablespoons sugar

      4 teaspoons salt

      Mix together.

      In second bowl, mix together:

      2 tablespoons vinegar

      3 beaten eggs

      1-1/2 cups water

      Mix well and add to flour mixture. Mix together well.

      Divide dough into six equal portions. (The portions may be individually
      wrapped in plastic wrap and frozen at this point.)

      To make a double crust pie, roll two portions out into circles to fit pie
      pan. Grease pie pan. Fold one crust in half and then in half again; place in
      pie pan; unfold crust. Prick bottom with fork.

      Add filling and top with
      second crust. Seal edges, trim, and crimp edge if desired. (Crust may be
      brushed with beaten egg white & sugar sprinkled lightly over top.) Bake at
      425 degrees for 15 minutes; turn oven temperature down to 350 degrees; bake
      for additional 45 minutes.

      *Holiday Tip: It’s great to mix two or three batches of pie crust dough
      around the first of November, roll them out, and freeze in a large plastic
      container with a sheet of waxed paper between each crust. Then as
      Thanksgiving gets close, you can take out what you need and all that work
      has been done in advance. Saves money and saves nerves. But even having it
      mixed and just frozen in balls–those six portions mentioned in the

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