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      If you aren’t familiar with the size or difference between a deer tick and dog tick, please google deer tick so you become more knowledgable. I didn’t realize they were that small.

      Yesterday I noticed a little (and I mean little) spot on my wrist. I thought it was a scab or a splinter. Scraped it with my fingernail and something about the way it came off made me get a magnifying glass to take a look. It was a deer tick.

      I’m talking the size of a grain of coarse pepper. Now I’m on a 14 day course of antibiotics as a preventive for Lyme. Sometimes, stuff seems to trigger off things you wouldn’t normally do.

      I wouldn’t have paid any attention to that dot if I hadn’t learned two weeks earlier my sister had been diagnosed with Lyme. So, please be super viligiant. I think all the rain in the northeast as made a super crop of the little buggers!!

      :119: And I haven’t been in the woods, no dogs, indoor cats, and my property is open and sunny. I dont know

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