Deer Pot Roast

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      1 Deer roast
      2 tsp. olive oil
      1 tbs. garlic powder
      1 minced garlic clove
      3-4 tbs. all purpose Greek seasoning-(or to taste)
      4 carrots, sliced
      2 cans golden mushroom soup
      6 medium potatoes – large diced
      1 large onion – large diced
      ½ small green pepper (optional)

      Turn crock pot on high and spray with non stick oil or use liner.
      Coat roast with oil.
      Place roast into prepared crock pot.
      Sprinkle all seasonings on roast and vegetables in pot.
      Just arrange veggies under and around the sides of meat.
      Add minced garlic to soup and pour directly on top of everything.
      Add ¼ cup of water to pot.
      Cook on high for 1-hour then turn down and cook on low for 5-6 hours till meat is fork tender.

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