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      Using a wallpaper border to set the theme can be delightful, and give
      Baby something to gaze at while in the crib. (The science of infant
      sight and other infant perception has changed in the last 21 years since
      my youngest was born, but I was on the right track decorating with
      Pandas (easy to see) and different colored balls. Before you know it,
      Baby will be asking to borrow the care lol)

      Frugal decoration: “Wallies” ™ may have something in the beach theme
      (plus clouds!), using stencils is easier than I *EVER* thought it would
      be, easier for me than wall paper borders, less expensive too. may have beach themed decorative items -check
      the luau theme (Do keep out of baby’s reach though).

      If you choose appealing wall colors (we went with off white, later
      painting one wall his favorite color), and add removeable/strippable
      decorations, it is easier to transition to the toddler and elementary
      school stages.

      Be mindful of window treatments…if you use mini blinds, keep those
      cords out of the way of kids. Sorry to preach…but I work in a
      hospital…’nuff said. Draping the top of the window with beach print
      fabrics of your choice can mean quick, easy changes.

      I sew…and have
      had good service and products from and

      Here’s to a happy and healthy baby,


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Decorating baby’s room