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      Suzanne, do you sew at all? When I was decorating my first nursery I wanted it
      themed on the old ,Wynken, Blynken, and Nod” poem, and there was nothing of that
      in any store. But I made the most beautiful large wall hanging using
      inexpensive fabric scraps and remnents.

      With a large solid sky/ocean blue color
      background piece I cut out shapes of the woooden shoe boat, little fisherman,
      moon, stars, etc. I even used a glittery hairnet for the fishing net. I
      stitched all the shapes on by hand in a pretty arrangement and it turned out

      Then I just added a real wooden shoe sitting on the chest of drawers
      and used solid color curtains and crib bedding to coordinate. You could make
      something similar with a scene of sailboats, sandpails, fish, etc. for a beach
      scene, and buy inexpensive childrens plastic sandpail and other beach toys,
      along with seashells, to dress up the room.

      Or if you don’t sew, maybe you
      could make some type of wall hanging arrangement with store bought juvenile
      beach towels?

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