decorating a 9 year old’s room?

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      Some great ideas were already presented, I just have a few to add to

      I definitely agree with the painting thing. Paint, especially bold or
      bright colors, can totally transform a room. You can usually find
      very inexpensive paints if you ask at the help-desk or customer
      service counter to see the “rejects”.

      These are paints that a
      customer had asked to be mixed with color and then the customer
      decided not to buy. The store would like to get rid of these pre-
      mixed-then-rejected cans of paint so they usually sell them at a
      ridiculously low price. Rather than going to the color chart and
      picking a color, just look at the colors of the rejects.

      If you are
      only painting one wall, a gallon of paint will usually do the trick,
      so you don’t have to worry about trying to color-match 2 or more

      You could also do splatter paint, which would reduce the amount of
      paint that you would need, since you aren’t trying to completely
      cover the wall with one color. It would be a fun way for you daughter
      to help decorate her own room too. Just make sure you cover the
      windows with plastic or newspaper first!

      As far as decorative items, I’m not sure if you area has 5 Below
      5 Below stores are similar to dollar stores, with every item being $5
      or less, and the items are geared more for pre-teens/teens. Last year
      for Christmas, my partner and I found a light-purple net canopy (with
      pink & purple butterflies on it) to put over my daughter’s bed. They
      also have blankets, throw pillows, lamps, bead curtains, etc, and
      they are very inexpensive.

      Just be sure to check the return policy –
      I think it’s either “all sales are final” or you only get store

      Although I think pottery barn teen is waaaaaaaay too expensive, it
      might give you some ideas if you look through their catalogue or
      their website. Most of the time you can find similar items or make
      similar items for a lot less.

      Hot glue beach glass or aquarium rocks to a edges of a plain mirror
      to give it an updated look. Use peel-and-stick wall designs, or take
      a peel-&-stick-border and cut out the design (for example, if it’s a
      floral pattern, cut out the individual flowers), and place anywhere
      on the wall, closet door, light switch, ceiling, etc.

      Look in consignment or thrift stores (Salvation Army, Goodwill) for
      inexpensive furniture that you can spray paint. You can also use the
      stick-ons or borders to deocrate the newly spray painted furniture.

      Hope these ideas help! Can’t wait to hear how her room turns out!

      Right now I’m living in a two bedroom house, with my son & daughter
      sharing a room. I’m hoping to move into a 3 bedroom within the next
      year so the kids can each have their own room. I can’t wait to
      decorate according to their individual tastes!

      Rebecca 🙂

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children decorating a 9 year old’s room?