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      OK, this is per my daughter Sophie who just turned 9 tonight……

      Start with painting the room in two of her favorite colors, maybe on opposite walls. Hang a canopy over the bed (either curtain track above with sheers or one of those canopy’s one the wall above the bed that just drape around the head of the bed).

      Hang posters of her favorite rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, bratz etc. in fancy frames on the wall.

      If she has a favorite tshirt that she’s outgrown, frame that too. Take ribbons, or stencils in a 3rd color (or one of the opposite colors) to connect the frames, like an arch or gathering, if that makes sense.

      Add lots of bling! Decorate plain lampshades with hanging beads and/or jewels (hot glue gun).

      Same with curtains and/or the sheer canopy. Fuzzy, furry, silky, textured bedcovers and throw rugs, and jeweled pillows (target is great for this!), collages of friend pictures in mini frames (again, jeweled or beaded). The idea behind all the frames is that it is so easy to change out as tastes change.

      bling is big at this age according to sophie – watch lizzy mcguire or hannah montana to get ideas for totally cool rooms lol!

      monica (and sophie) in il

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