decorating a 9 year old’s room?

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      Buy an inexpensive lamp with a flat shade (the kind that’s smooth,
      not bumbped up or pleated) in white. Buy fabric remanents or “fat
      quarters” at the fabric store in bright colors, funky colors, mixed
      in with blacks and metalic shimmer, if you can. Your daughter can
      help pick some out.

      Take a glue gun, and make sort of a patch work of odd shapes and
      glue them on the shade, leaving spaces between some, and what not.
      You can get the lamp at Good Will or Salvation Army if you look
      around a few different times. If the base lamp is a color she
      doesn’t like, or doesn’t match, spray paint it, or sponge paint it,
      or even cover it with more fabric.

      You can also find pretty fringed bead work at Wal-Mart semi-
      inexpensive, and glue that around the edge to hang down a bit.

      Find a sheet set in a bright color to match the lamp. Use the fitted
      sheet and the pillow cases on the bed. Use the flat sheet to make
      curtains, or to eve cover the existing curtains.

      Most flat sheets
      have a wide seam. Take a seam ripper to cut the ends of both sides,
      and simply slide it through the curtain rod. You can even take the
      left over fabric remanents to hot glue shapes onto it to match the

      The shapes won’t hold up in the wash, but how often do
      curtains need to be washed? :p

      You can also slit the curtains down the middle and use some long
      skinny fabric remanents as tie backs. Or, get a feather boa, or one
      of the skinnier ones that is like one solid feather, and use those
      as tie-backs.

      For some sparkle, get some glittery puff pant, and draw designs onto
      the curtain and the lamp, like squiggles, lines that draw a circle,

      At the fabric store, you can buy small square decrotive pillows that
      are plain white. These are typically used as pillow forms, to stuff
      the inside of actual decrotive pillows. They are usually

      You can do all sorts of things to decorate these. You
      can hot glue fabric patchworks onto it, then use the puff pants to
      do the same as on the other two items.

      Get one of those long skinny mirrors you’d typically put on the back
      of a door, and hang it horizontally a little ways over her dresser
      or bed. Decorate the corners and edges of the mirror with the puffy
      paint. You can find large fake gems at Wal-Mart for around $2, and
      can add those to the corners and along the edges as well.

      If you
      bought any feather boa’s, and there is any left, you can kind of
      drape it along the top once it’s hung.

      Hope those idea’s help!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children decorating a 9 year old’s room?