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      Sunday – cheese omelet
      Monday – buffalo chicken nugget stuffed biscuit
      Tuesday – chicken nugget stuffed biscuit
      Wednesday – cream cheese and sausage stuffed biscuit
      Thursday – Denver omelet biscuit
      Friday – oatmeal breakfast square
      Saturday – hard-boiled egg sandwich
      Total – $1

      Mandarin oranges
      Trail mix
      Triscuits and pepper Jack cheese
      Total — $5

      Sunday – soup and sandwich
      Monday – leftover Thai chili chicken
      Tuesday – leftover chicken casserole
      Wednesday – leftover grilled chicken over greens
      Thursday – meatloaf sandwich
      Friday – pork chop sandwich
      Saturday – leftover pork loin over greens
      Total — $2.99

      Sunday – grilled pork chops, buttered rice, salad, and apple crisp…$9.96
      Monday – Crockpot pot roast with baby carrots, potatoes, and mushroom gravy…$13.96
      Tuesday – Mexican tortilla soup…$1.99
      Wednesday – Margherita pizza and salad…$3.98
      Thursday – Burmese chicken salad…$2.50
      Friday – pork loin with gravy, mashed potatoes, salad, and cranberry cake…$11.96
      Saturday – chicken and snow pea stir fry over rice…$8.97
      Total — $53.32

      Total for the week — $62.31
      deadhorse smilie

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