December 5-11

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      Sunday – breakfast salad with blueberries, grapes, and mandarin oranges
      Monday – bacon, eggs, and toast
      Tuesday – fake sausage, egg, and cheese McMuffin
      Wednesday – honey nut Cheerios with blueberries and milk
      Thursday – pb&j on toast
      Friday – sausage, egg, and cheese croissant
      Saturday – turkey sausage biscuit
      Total – $1.50

      Mandarin oranges
      Melba toast
      Townhouse Crackers and Irish cheddar cheese
      Trail mix
      Total — $4.47

      Sunday – leftover Bolognese
      Monday – leftover lasagna
      Tuesday –leftover hamburger steak
      Wednesday – grilled chicken over greens
      Thursday – leftover pork loin open-faced sandwich with gravy
      Friday – reserved seafood and bean dip with carrots and celery
      Saturday – Cajun shrimp salad
      Total — $5

      Sunday – tacos…$2*
      Monday – honey-mustard pork tenderloin, parsleyed potatoes, and asparagus…$14.97
      Tuesday – Cajun dirty rice and Dulce de Leche candy…$2.97*
      Wednesday – chicken Scarpariello, angel hair pasta, and broccoli…$11.97
      Thursday – layered enchilada bake and salad…$5.49
      Friday – one pot penne pasta and Brussels sprouts…$1.50*
      Saturday – Calabrian chili pasta and salad…$1*
      Total — $56.87

      Total for the week — $67.84

      *The reason for the low cost of these meals is that I bought four 5-lb packages of ground beef marked down due to sale date for $4.36 each in September (I bought every single package that they had). I immediately packaged them up in 1-lb portions in baggies, flattened them out to fit in the freezer, and froze them. That comes to about $1.14/lb. This week I’m defrosting six packages for dinners (some will get a little extra beef), hence the differences in prices. Plus, the cost of some of the ingredients have been ignored since they were on hand in the pantry;-D Hope this helps somebody jump on the ‘bulk purchasing’ in a regular store when the price is right! LOL!

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