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      Sunday – cheese omelet
      Monday – Denver omelet in a biscuit
      Tuesday – veggie sausage-omelet biscuit
      Wednesday – raspberry biscuit
      Thursday – veggie-sausage biscuit
      Friday – cream cheese and sausage-stuffed biscuits
      Saturday – hard-boiled egg sandwich on toast
      Total – $0
      Note: all of the biscuits have been made ahead and frozen. I just take one out the night before. My DEXH buys and makes his own breakfast, so his breakfast is not in the budget (he eats weird stuff for breakfast! Giggle)

      Mandarin oranges
      Trail mix
      Triscuits and white cheddar cheese
      Total — $2.49

      Sunday – leftover roasted cauliflower and sausage
      Monday – leftover chicken roll
      Tuesday – leftover roasted potatoes and ham
      Wednesday – last of the chicken roll
      Thursday – last of the roasted cauliflower and sausage
      Friday – leftover deviled egg salad sandwiches
      Saturday – ham and potato salad (using last of the leftovers)
      Total — $0

      Sunday – Chinese takeout…$35 (plan to use for a variety of leftovers)
      Monday – Kansas City style baked beans with country-style ribs and corny bread…$2.37
      Tuesday – breakfast for dinner: pancakes, sausage, and apple slices…$2.97
      Wednesday – ham steak, mac and cheese, salad, and blueberry turnovers…$5.16
      Thursday – grilled chicken breasts, roasted potatoes, buttered green beans, and tiramisu…$10
      Friday – cauliflower fried rice with smoked sausage…$5.98
      Saturday – poor man’s stroganoff over noodles and fried okra…$2.97
      Total — $64.45

      Total for the week — $66.94
      shame smilie

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