December 13-19

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      Sunday – chocolate peanut-pecan protein bar
      Monday – scrambled eggs
      Tuesday – grits
      Wednesday – Life cereal with milk, blackberries, and blueberries
      Thursday – pb&j toast
      Friday – strawberry fruit bar
      Saturday – sour cream egg salad on crackers
      Total – $2.67


      Mandarin oranges
      Melba toast
      Townhouse Crackers and American cheese
      Trail mix
      Total — $.99


      Sunday – leftover spaghetti
      Monday –leftover Korean chicken
      Tuesday – leftover carbonara
      Wednesday – leftover roast chicken sandwich
      Thursday – tenderloin sandwich
      Friday – pot roast sandwich
      Saturday – leftover Boston butt
      Total — $2.50


      Sunday – chicken and dumplings and salad…$8.91
      Monday – ham and Swiss sliders with oven fried sweet potatoes…$4.95
      Tuesday – fried drumsticks, wild rice, salad, and merry crunchmix…$5.56
      Wednesday – glazed ham, mac and cheese, CA veggies, and lemon crumb muffins…$12
      Thursday – ranch and mustard pork chops, baked potato, and salad…$5.99
      Friday – orange chicken and rice…$5.16
      Saturday – ham with mac and cheese casserole, salad, and blueberry dump cake…$2.58
      Total — $45.15

      Total for the week — $48.64

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