December 1-7

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      Sunday — mixed beans with fire-roasted tomatoes and corny bread…$2.97
      Monday — beans and hotdogs (beanie weenie using Sunday’s beans;-D)…$1.49
      Tuesday — Sautéed chicken breasts, mixed veggies, and rice…$4.47
      Wednesday — Andouille sausage in mushroom sauce over pasta and French green beans…$2.97
      Thursday — Broiled chicken, boiled potatoes, and corn…$8.23
      Friday — shrimp creole from the freezer…$0
      Saturday — Sunday/Monday’s leftovers…$0
      This week’s total from the mark-down bin…$20.13! What’s in your basket?!!
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      Is this a menu for one or two? I would love to be able to be on this budget.

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      Giggle…I cook for a minimum of four. I am single and I use the leftovers for lunches or if I prepare something that exceeds four servings (6 or 8), I stash to the freezer. The key is to use your imagination and shop the mark-down bin!

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