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      — In, “Katrina Hartman”



      > I bought these when they were $2. for my DH to take hunting. They

      worked out great in his backpack. When I went back for more, they

      had sold out, never to be replaced again…that happens at my Wal-

      mart all the time. I just get used to a product or find a product

      that I really like, then they stop carrying it!!


      > Katrina

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      > When we were at our Super Wal-Mart yesterday, we found cans of


      > heating hot cocoa and lattes from Hillside Coffee for $.25 a can.


      > were all marked $2 a can!


      > You wouldn’t believe the people swarmed around them! We have


      > tried them, but I grabbed 8 of them just for the heck of it. Nick


      > use them on the way to work, or what not. Apparently, they have a

      > heating cannister in them, and all you do to warm it up is push a

      > button.


      > — In, “Tracy” wrote:

      > >

      > > I was at Wal Mart and found a great deal. They had all the


      > > types of Nestle Baking Chips for……… 50 cents a bag!!!!

      They had

      > > semi sweet, milk choc, white choc, butterscotch, pb, & the mini


      > > The date is good until sometime in 2009. I asked the cashier

      why they

      > > were so cheap and she said they ordered too much for Christmas,


      > > they marked them down!!! I bought about 16 bags of all


      > kinds.

      > > They also had Hormel Spiral sliced hams on “clearance” for

      $1.00 a lb.

      > > regular price $2.28 a lb. They were clearing these out from


      > > as well. The date on these is good through next month! Yummy!!!

      > > ~Tracy in ca

      > >



      i dont know where everyone is from. but i thought i would share this

      info with anyone that lives in joliet, illinois or around that area.

      walmart on jefferson street is having there grand opening at 7am on

      Wednesday Jan 23. I talked to one of the workers there and she said

      the deals will be like give aways.

      Kelly in IL

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