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      I’m with you…I drive a Kia Rio…my only requirements when I bought the car were that it have automatic transmission, air conditioning and a CD player. Nothing else mattered to me at all….After all, the Rio is a pretty “bare bones” car, which is what I wanted, as I just can’t see paying over $20,000 for a car that loses half of its value in one year. My $9,000 brand new car with the100,000 mile, 10 year warranty, has been the best purchase I’ve ever made in my life. But anyway….I’ve always believed that the more “toys” there are to anything, the more likely that something will break. I drive a simple vehicle for that reason, and for the reason that for half, or even less, the price that most people pay for new cars, I had a brand new car that got me from point A to point B – and very nicely, I might add – that wasn’t costing me an arm and a leg. And when ti’s time to trade it in — which may be in the next year or two, since mine is a 2001, I’m trading it
      in on a new Kia Rio…which is still pretty low priced, compared to other vehicles. And ti’s a danged nice little car. KP

      M F wrote:

      My girlfriends nephew works for an auto dealer and this is what I learned. The mechanic at a dealer is self employed. Most of them want a quick fix problems. No one wans to work
      on a trans it takes for ever and they are not making much money. But on the other hand the new vehicles today are so complex that the dealer has better knowledge and equipment to fix it. We drive simple vehicles. We are probably the only people in town who do not have a remote to unlock the car doors. They are a Saturn and Honda. We have vary simple cars and so we go to a private machanic that we trust and he is vary honest. We have had bad experience with dealers even when the vehicles were under the warranty. We are on one income and we save by going to a privately owned mechanic.


      Karen PierceBrookfield, WI

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List dealership vs. fix it place