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      Personally I only drive cars with a warranty or I buy an extended warranty so my car is always covered. I drive a Tahoe Z-71 and it has 3 computers if one goes out it is like $3,000.each!! My Honda Accord before that had a warranty until I got rid of it. Since their is always a warranty I alway take to the dealer. They do get you to try to do other things…some that you must to keep warranty valid.

      My boyfriend only buys used cars with warranty. He has to pay when things go wrong but he buys less complicated cars that dont have all the things that can go wrong. He takes his to a repair shop that he trusts….(they are out there…LOL) Personally I like the piece of mind of a warranty as i do alot of driving and buy expensive cars that have expensive repairs.

      I was looking at a BMW X5 Suv but the repairs far out weigh repairs on the Tahoe or Denali (did a spreadsheet of cost over 5 years for each)so I will prob go with another new tahoe or Denali. Would like the new “hybrid” Tahoe but the towing isnt great and I dont like to buy anythign the first year they make big changes….

      I do alot of driving for my daughters elite volleyball team..(Washington, Oregon, idaho, Nevada )so I have to have a very reliable car This is my only MAJOR splurge as I am scared to death to be broke down somewhere…


      Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 17:32:54 +0000
      Subject: : dealership vs. fix it place

      Whats your opinion on getting your car fixed?
      I have a limited amount of money so a fixit place will be alot cheaper
      then taking my car to a dealership for repairs,but then the question
      remains,do you want it REPAIRED and DONE RIGHT or do you want to play a
      guessing game of Did they repair it or just rig it to where it will run?
      Whats your opinion?Experiences??

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List dealership vs. fix it place