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      I agree. Most everyone he’s referring to make at minimum $100K+ a

      year. His suggestions are practical, yet the examples are a bit

      misleading to those who make a more “modest” income. It can be

      discouraging to someone who is just not able to progress as quickly as

      his “success stories”. Has good prinicples though.


      > I have noticed that those who pay off huge amounts of debt in a


      > time usually have huge incomes already and are just simply wasting


      > away to begin with.

      > Someone like myself with a very modest income and after paying the

      > nessasary bills has only a few dollars to pay extra on debt, there


      > isnt any money left to make a differance.

      > I will still have five years with monthly payments to pay down about

      > $22,000

      > It Doesn’t seem like a huge amount but when it isn’t there it really

      > seems out of reach,but someone making a household income of 120,000


      > realisticly pay off 80,000 in a few years of tight budgeting.

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