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      Usually, I never complain about price increases. It’s happened since the

      beginning of time. I mean we can talk all day long about the good old days when

      gas was 65 cents per gallon. But the average income for everyday working stiffs

      was maybe 10,000 per year when they had a good job and sometimes less. My first

      job was 3.15 per hour.

      Then again, some prices don’t really go up that much. When I first started

      daycare I was getting 50 bucks per week per child. I’ve been at it 21 years and

      now I do charge 120 per week per child. BUT, I know girls all over time

      bragging they only charge 65-75 per week. Do you have any idea how insulting it

      is to hear people say directly to me that I should charge what they do? I’ve

      worked 21 years, 24 hours per day the whole time, 7 days per week. I’ve taken

      classes and I have a ton of experience and they think I should be making only

      15-20 more per week per child? Milk has gone up from a little more than a buck

      to almost 4 bucks per gallon during that same time. A box of macaroni cheese 21

      years ago was about 13 cents!

      Anyway, I digress. I really just mean to say I’m finally complaining. Every

      time I see the gas prices I want to spit!


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      Suzi. Just keep plugging away. Some people like to make a chart or

      pop balloons after they pay so much off. It helps. We have $152,000

      to pay off. It will take us at least 10 years in the most ideal

      situation. It most likely will take longer…You know what though. I

      would rather work hard to pay the debt off than always working and

      living the same but not making much progress because I wasn’t

      budgeting, cash flowing and doing the snowball thing.

      We are in a much better place than a year ago. If the gas, grocery

      and other prices continue it will take much longer. Grr.


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