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      Hmm… Well maybe my husband and I are odd. But we fix everything that breaks

      and don’t drive cars into the ground. We do the maintenance, as much of it as

      we can realistically afford. If you keep tires on the car and don’t wait for

      them to blow out on the road, keep the belts and hoses changed and in good

      shape, change the timing belt before it strands you, do the oil changes, flush

      the radiator, change the transmission fluid, air breathers, do a tune-up at

      least once while you own the car and the list is really endless….sorry for the

      big run on sentence…anyway we spend at least 2000 dollars per year on both of

      our vehicles just to keep them in good working order and that doesn’t count

      actual freak repairs. We don’t buy our cars brand new because that usually is

      not the best thing. But buying a car with 15,000 or so miles on it ends up

      being the best thing and by the time they hit 100,000 miles they are pretty much

      junk. But repairs always seem to start around 80,000 miles for us.


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      Subject: Re: : Re: Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover

      The ideal situation would be to get more for the car than you currently

      owe on it.

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