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      I did home daycare until my daughter was 4 years old. I chose that because I worked in a commercial daycare and didnt want any part of it for my daughter. When she was 4 my marraige was getting a little rocky so I started preparing myself for the future just incase. (retirement/insurance etc)I was offered a position as a sleep tech on a graveyard shift. This was perfect for me because it worked great and my daughter never once went to daycare. Of course I was tired alot until she was in school full time but that was my trade off for a good paying job and she was with dad when I was at work and with me when he was at work. No daycare or daycare costs. Look for jobsor nowin my case a GREAT career in a different shift. The graveyards paid off because now I am the supervisor of a sleep disorders center working days. My girl is now 14 and this is her first summer where she is home even a little by herself. My current husband is a full time student and he has an internship this summer so she has her first taste of independance. So far so good.

      Think of the money you can save in daycare working an alternative shift. All through her grade school years I never missed a school party, awards ceremony etc. and was still able to make a great living. I just set my alarm got up went and came back home and went to sleep.


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      I always wanted to be a SAHM, but unfortunately, it was not feasible for us because I’m the breadwinner in the family. If one of us was to stay home, it would be my husband – and he wanted no parts of being a SAHD – LOL.

      Luckily, my parents were able to care for my daughter from the time she was 6 weeks old. I am very blessed to have my mom there for my daughter – and I feel like I am able to share my very special sweetie pie with my mom – who is now alone, since my father passed away.

      If it wasn’t for my parents, I probably would’ve reconsidered my entire family/home planning.


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      Your children are only small and young for such a short time. With my
      first 2. I was in school and worked from when they were 9 months old-
      4 years old. On my days off I cleaned all day and tried to keep up
      the laundry and run errands. I know some people can balance and do it
      all but I ran myself ragged. I didn’t even make much money to make it
      worth it at all. My husband went back to school and worked 2 jobs.
      With my work scedule we rarely saw each other and I became a stay at
      home mom. I treid selling some products from home without much
      sucess. I would like to do something to make additional income but
      find real opportunities rare for the SAHM.


      — In Budget101_@yahoogro ups.com, Ria wrote:
      > I totally support your position on spending time with your daughter
      over getting a second job outside of the home. I too would not
      sacrifice my time with my daughter.

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