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      Long story short we have read the Total Money Makeover and attended

      FPU classes. We paid off bills, medical deductables, $1,000 in the

      bank, 1 credit card $1,000 and we started snowballing on my minivan.

      We ended up refinancing our home and paid off the car and creditcard.

      Since spring we have been saving money in order to move. My husband

      is hopeful to get a job with moving expenses and a sign on bonus

      and/or student loan repayment offered. We also hope to move to a less

      expensive home. We were able to pay for 2 large purchases that we

      felt we needed and are saving money for a birth (although I have a

      threatened pregnancy-we will just have to see). Right now we are

      going to sell our van and put money back in the bank in our Orange

      account (which isn’t making much money anymore). We are planning on

      moving, we just do not know where. When we do we will be using the

      equity to pay off the private loan and at least 10% down on a home

      (hopefully a less expensive home) and live close to work (My husband

      drives 50 miles a day). The Total Money Makeover is great but I would

      highly recommend going through fpu. we made some small changes and it

      helped us tremendously. we still owe a ton in debt but it is

      manageable. i have met a handful of people who attended fpu who have

      paid down $30,000 in debt and others who have paid off their mortgage.


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