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      We are there ourselves. I right down ever bill due out and make sure enuogh goes in the bank to pay them. That leaves us with just grocery money.

      We have only one credit card, home depot and I do pay at least $5 over the minimum payment. We have $60 left for groceries and other and as the cold weather hits and our heat is on then we will be budgeting way more towards electric and having only $30 for groceries and what ever else. I wished I did have more to pay down and off the home depot bill and to put away for taxes.

      I wished we had a little to put into a savings to keep up in case the car breaks down or something so we do not have to take it from our tax savings and then have to worry how we will make it up for taxes. We have now decided to be foster parents and are going with a private agency. It will help a little besides giving a needed child a home.

      We have one car and my husband works swing shift and his job is 45 miles away. That doesn’t leave me with much time to have a car for a job out. So this is a solutin that will work and help children in need.

      We plan to take the traditional child and that means young, infant or toddler and also means no real emotional problems and no medical problems. The income is less but they are easier to care for without the worries of lots of drama and problems that an older child may bring. We have to go through the application process and all and see how things go.


      I’m so glad that I’m not the only one with a modest income. I feel
      like I’m doing something totally wrong when I hear that people are
      able to pay their debt off fast, ugh ! I have only a few pennies left
      over after paying the bills and then get upset wondering what I’m
      going to do until next pay.

      So, to pay debt off is very stressful.

      Thanks ! Sheila

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover