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      You are not the only one who felt like they were not making any

      headway. In the beginning it is slow. Trust me I know.

      We were both

      in school living on just about nothing and more debt than we knew what

      to do with. Then we got pregnant our Senior year of college and even

      more debt. So we did a complete 360. After we were done with school

      we sat down and looked at our mess. With baby making three we were in

      debt to the tune of 94K that did not include the house we bought.

      With Dave’s book in hand we made a plan. Took us 4 years. We now

      only owe on the house which we hope to pay off in the next 6 years.

      It has not been easy we don’t eat out and we only have a handful of

      friends who tolerate the fact that we do not use CC. Not to mention

      the fact that we choose to be abnormal in our thinking of money.

      Knowing that we have money in the bank is the greatest feeling. Now

      for the big part. We did all of this on his salary. I stayed at home

      with the baby. No he did not make 100K a year we only made 45K a

      year for the first two years and we only make 56K now. I worked odd

      jobs while he was home and could take care of baby. How did we do it.

      We ate a lot of rice and beans, got rid of cars and other stuff we

      thought we could not live without. Selling the cars and buying used

      cars with cash was a huge help. At first it seemed like we were going

      nowhere fast. We would get the 1000 saved up and wham the fridge

      broke, get it built back up and the car needed work, get it built back

      up and the baby got sick. All I can say is thank God for Dave and his

      plan. Before this I would have put it on the card and figured out how

      to pay for it later. Not now the little emergencies don’t scare me

      anymore. I know the money is their for us to use. That first 1000

      was the hardest to save. But we did it. My DH calls me eagle eyes

      because I alway find change on the ground where ever we go. Our first

      100 dollars I found in the form change everywhere we went. I still

      look and you would not believe what people just leave. It’s not

      about how fast you can pay it off but rather to get it paid off so you

      don’t have that monkey on your back .

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover