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      My husband and I participated in the 13 week Financial Peace University course.

      We have friends that conduct the program at a local church every few months. I

      can assure you that not everyone following Dave Ramsey’s program makes over 100K

      a year.

      In fact most families make well under that amount. Our income would be

      considered below the poverty line. Without Dave Ramsey’s program we could not

      make it.

      You start by making a zero based budget each month. Next you try to set back

      whatever you can untill you have an emergency fund in place. Even if it’s only a

      small amount , you add to it as you can. You try to pay off your smallest debt

      first. Make minimum payments on all but the smallest debt. Pay as much as you

      can on that one. Even if it’s only a couple of dollars above minimum , do what

      you can. Once the smallest debt is paid off, add what you were paying on that

      debt to the next debt payment. If the smallest debt was 25.00 month and the

      second smallest was 50.00per month; then pay 75.00 per month on the second once

      the first is paid off. Once both are paid off add that 75.00 to whatever you

      were already paying on the third debt etc etc.

      This is what baby steps are all about. Reorganize what you are already

      shelling out each month, no matter how little. The lower your income, the more

      you need Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace. If you are struggling, then you need

      Financial Peace University.Go to his web site and put in your zip code to find

      out where the program is offered in your area.


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      From: Elizabeth Farnsworth

      Subject: Re: Budget101.com : Re: Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover

      Why not email him and say I’ve noticed that most of your clients range

      in the higher income bracket

      and I was wondering if you might do something geared toward those of us

      with more moderate income.

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