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      good idea

      i think the best thing to do for lower income earners would be to

      teach budget and spending habits and management

      — in, “Elizabeth Farnsworth”

      <1_nation_under_god@...> wrote:


      > Why not email him and say I’ve noticed that most of your clients

      range in

      > the higher income bracket

      > and I was wondering if you might do something geared toward those

      of us with

      > more moderate income.



      > Elizabeth Farnsworth

      > Shaklee Independent Health & Wellness Distributor


      Original Message


      > From: brown_eyed_girl375



      > I agree. Most everyone he’s referring to make at minimum $100K+ a

      > year. His suggestions are practical, yet the examples are a bit

      > misleading to those who make a more “modest” income. It can be

      > discouraging to someone who is just not able to progress as quickly


      > his “success stories”. Has good prinicples though.

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