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      > I’m so glad that I’m not the only one with a modest income. I feel

      > like I’m doing something totally wrong when I hear that people are

      > able to pay their debt off fast, ugh ! I have only a few pennies


      > over after paying the bills and then get upset wondering what I’m

      > going to do until next pay. So, to pay debt off is very



      > Thanks ! Sheila


      > > Someone like myself with a very modest income and after paying


      > > nessasary bills has only a few dollars to pay extra on debt,


      > just

      > > isnt any money left to make a differance.

      > > I will still have five years with monthly payments to pay down


      > > $22,000

      > > It Doesn’t seem like a huge amount but when it isn’t there it


      > > seems out of reach,but someone making a household income of


      > can

      > > realisticly pay off 80,000 in a few years of tight budgeting.

      > >


      SHEILA, I too also used to be stressed about the debt and bills

      But now I view it as a game and try new ways to cut the bills and

      utilities,got my electric bill down to $18 last month was 12 the

      month before with out the ac.

      it helps to realize you can’t let it stress you out. there isnt a

      whole lot you can do about it so make a game out of it and squeeze

      every nickle you can.

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