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      In perspective I make $13.00 an hr on salary with no overtime and

      have severe arthritis that prevents me from working the overtime and

      part time jobs that dave suggests you have.

      I am not lazy just in terrible pain most of the time.

      I would guess most working people make around the same income give or


      There just arn’t jobs here in south eastern Mich

      After taxes,insurance,to the bone utilities,and a $38 two week food

      budget, medical bills that are on credit cards and a car pmt etc it

      is very difficult to pay these cc bills off and with gasoline so high

      now all my “extra income” is gone.The total cc bills are $600 a month

      and not a whole lot left for rent and utilities.

      I have a strict budget that is to the penney,and pretty much daves

      way,I work it every day as it is fluid.

      I could probably teach my own budget class as I can squeeze and pinch

      evey penny( hmmmmm Idea)

      The debt snowball I have is for 6 loans and cc bills for $22,000 and

      will be paid off dec 2010 if i stick to the budget and work the

      snowball, but not in the near future as most of daves listeners seem

      to be able to pay off so quick.

      i suppose another job would help but but even at min wage,taxes.gas

      etc it still would be quite a strech and then theres the physicall


      its the extra nickels and dimes and a few dollars and found soda

      bottle returns that are paying the debt down.

      it takes dilligence to pay debt off.

      good luck to all of you.

      lets keep giving ideas out and keep up the support

      with a — in Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “enjoycooking1952”




      > I’m so glad that I’m not the only one with a modest income. I feel

      > like I’m doing something totally wrong when I hear that people are

      > able to pay their debt off fast, ugh ! I have only a few pennies


      > over after paying the bills and then get upset wondering what I’m

      > going to do until next pay. So, to pay debt off is very



      > Thanks ! Sheila


      > > Someone like myself with a very modest income and after paying


      > > nessasary bills has only a few dollars to pay extra on debt,


      > just

      > > isnt any money left to make a differance.

      > > I will still have five years with monthly payments to pay down


      > > $22,000

      > > It Doesn’t seem like a huge amount but when it isn’t there it


      > > seems out of reach,but someone making a household income of


      > can

      > > realisticly pay off 80,000 in a few years of tight budgeting.

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