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      Not interfere !! Im sorry but keeping these women isolated in a

      relationship and making them feel as if they have no support from

      family or friends is key in the abuse.

      I was in an abusive relationship for 5 years. My parents “didnt

      interfere”. I wish they would have. Perhaps if someone would have

      forced me to make changes I wouldnt have ended in a two week

      hospital stay.

      This is not about letting a daughter make her own decisions, it is

      about saving a life ! Now more than a decade later, I work as a

      counselor for abused women in my free time. Controling emotionally

      can lead to horrific things. There is no time at all that a woman

      should feel imprisoned, or unable to be herself. My advise to the

      mother, is do all you can do get your daughter help, counseling, and

      keep her safe.

      Advising otherwise would be completely irresponsible.


      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, Gail Moncivais



      > Melissa

      > I am praying for your daughter. I am not sure there is anything

      you can do. He seems to be a control freak and has a hold over her

      that will take more than just her family to break. Since she is a

      quite and reserved she is keeping all the emotional abuse to her

      self. The one thing you can do is be there for her when the dam

      breaks and she has had enough. Don’t try and break it off it can

      only make things worse. Just be there for her and just let you know

      you love her and respect her.


      > I know you first instinct is to protect your children but there

      are some things they have to do on there own. No matter how hard

      you try to break them up his emotional abuse makes her feel guilty

      about leaving him and he has control for know.

      > Just love her and support her and above all don’t interfer.

      > I would suggest you talk to counselors at the local women’s

      shelter they may be able to steer you in the right direction.

      > Gail North East PA.






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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Women’s Issues Daughter in a abusive relationship