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      That man is just taking advantage of the situation. I

      know from experience. Just keep asuring her you are on

      her side and no matter what she decides you are stll

      there for her. Emotional abuse is just as bad as

      physical. For 13yrs I was married to a man that abused

      me emotionally until to got physical. I left with my

      kids and asked for a divorce. It’s been 2 yrs since my

      seperation. I am still trying to get a divorce. I have

      accompolished so much after the seperation. My family

      helped me get through school to get a license as a

      pharmacy technicina. Now I am finally able to provide

      for my children. Good luck and keep your spirits up

      she will do what is right.

      — armstrca <carmstr1@ems.jsc.nasa.gov> wrote:

      > So be it. Just remind her you will be there

      > always for her – whatever

      > she needs (just not monetary as long as she is with

      > an abusive guy…

      > but don’t tell her that). It is really hard (esp to

      > keep your mouth

      > shut about someone you don’t like ) I have

      > seen lots of great

      > advice here, esp about inviting them both to do

      > things with your family.

      > Keep negative things about him to yourself – it will

      > push her away.



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      > It is so hard to be there for her when she is

      > resentful to us. I bet

      > you that he is the one who told her how bad we are

      > and to stay away from

      > us.


      > melissa




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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Women’s Issues Daughter in a abusive relationship