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      I agree She will have to realize this on her own and in her own time. Make sure to invite him and her to family events even though you can't stand him. I was once a the daughter in this situation.

      The more you verbalize to her that u don't like him the more she will pull away.

      The biggest Thing to do is pray!!!
      If there is someone else besides this man that she trust like a pastor , or friend
      maybe just see if they willask her if things are going ok because she seems a little frazzled / stressed but just let the person you are asking to do this for you know that you don't want to know what she says but just give her a trusted person to talk to and provide a sound board to.

      I know it will be hard to not ask, but as long as she is talking to someone at least you will know that there is some ideas or advice being heard and she may accept it since it's not from u. Good Luck and I will pray for you both! Danielle

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      Don't try anything. Just let her go. But make sure she is aware you are there should she need anything (other then financial help – like you won't just give her $$$).

      Don't make her feel like she has to sneak around to see him or belittle anything about him.

      Just tell her you accept the fact she is an adult. You don't like him (not for the real reason) because he doesn't make her happy and isn't there for her. Remind her a relationship is 50/50 and subtly ask her where his 50% is.

      Just be able to be there when she falls. (but don't word it like that) Remind her you are there for anything she needs.

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      Our almost 22 yr old daughter has been in an abusive relationship for over a year. We are a vary close family and she has drifted away emotionally and physically. It is tearing our family apart.

      We have tried to communicate with her and she is avoiding us.
      Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we reach our child and bring her back into our family life again.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Women’s Issues Daughter in a abusive relationship