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      Our almost 22 yr old daughter has been in an abusive relationship for over a year. We are a vary close family and she has drifted away emotionally and physically. It is tearing our family apart.

      We have tried to communicate with her and she is avoiding us. From the beginning of her relation ship she has spent 99% of her time with this guy who is 6 yrs older than her. From what I can see he is not physically abusive but emotionally.

      We have tried to talk to her and him and explain that it is not a healthy relationship if they have to be together non stop. The few times she has gone away with us he called her often and they fought. She has been sleeping at home till last week.

      Since then she has snuk into the house 2 times to get her
      stuff. Saturday at church she was there. She doesn’t have a vehicle and we don’t know who she is staying with and how she got to church or work, she clames she is not staying at his place and I do believe her.

      She comes home 1/2 hr before she goes to bed, makes her lunch, gets her work cloths ready and is in her room with the door shut. She was supose to get married las May and 3 weeks before the wedding he decided that he didn’t agree with her relegon and the wedding was off. She is still engaged to the jerk and is with him nonstop.

      We can see that she is not happy with her life, but because of her shy reserved personality she is not moving anywhere with her plans. He has such a control over her that is sad to see her having to spend her life with this person. I don’t want to make this any longer of a story but there are so many issues with him and us now that it is scary.

      He doesn’t and never
      drank, smoked or anything like that, has a vary high IQ and few friends if any.

      Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we reach our child and bring her back into our family life again.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Women’s Issues Daughter in a abusive relationship