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      > My oldest DS has the worst dandruff. We have tried Selsun Blue and
      > Scalpacin, but both are very expensive. Are there any home

      Okay, had to write in here as I am catching up on my postings since
      I was gone for a few days.

      I was a liscensed hairstylist for years. There is a difference
      between dandruff and dry scalp. Dry scalp is when the skin flakes
      off in dry white flakes.

      Usually due to dry skin, poor circulation,
      or hormone changes. For this, dandruff shampoo will only make it
      worse. Some cheaper home remedies are the obvious of drinking lots
      of water, using a mouthwash, sea breeze, my favorite that I use for
      the itch is cider vinegar poured over the hair after you shampoo,
      leave it for a few minutes, then rinse.

      I promise, the smell you
      detect when you do it is just because you are there. It does not
      stay on the hair. Also, shampooing every day with heavy shampoo
      makes the skin over active.

      The worst are deep cleaning shampoos
      and a ones with built in moisturizers. Use conditioner at the most
      every third day as it tends to build up. Also, mousse, gel, and
      hair spray are very bad about flaking off as the day goes on,
      especially if you don’t wash your hair daily.

      Which is okay not to
      do. Try switching to water based styling products as well. Alcohol
      is very drying, making the skin flake.

      Dandruff, is different, as instead of the white small dry flakes, it
      is usually larger waxy flakes. If you have dandruff, and you use a
      dandruff shampoo, it may get worse as it starts working before it
      gets better. I have both, so I use Neutragena T/Gel Original about
      every third shampooing.

      I do not shampoo every day. Then I use
      regular shampoo in between and will rinse with vinegar. I also use
      homemade conditioner once a week to help with manageing my tangles
      and fly aways.

      To make this, I use 1 cap of Downey to 2 cups of
      warm water. I mix it before I shower, then after I have shampooed,
      twice (that is important to control the flakes as well. The first
      shampoo basically gets the dirt and grime loose, then the second
      application does the cleaning)I will apply the vinegar, then once a
      week I pour the Downey conditioner on, let it sit while I shave my
      legs and such (a few minutes at least) and rinse.

      Also, if you notice that your flakes are mainly around the hair
      line, try using a moisturizer along the hair line.

      Mrs. B.

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