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      > My oldest DS has the worst dandruff. We have tried Selsun Blue and
      > Scalpacin, but both are very expensive. Are there any home
      remedies?<< Hi! This may sound wacky , but just try it for a couple
      months & see what happens.I know that some health food advocates,
      advise not using shampoo or deodorant, so I tried this. I use no
      shampoo or conditioner at all.

      I only wash my hair with water & then
      only every 3-4 days, at most. I have had what thought was dandruff
      for years , but I think it was from the shampoos. My hair smells
      fine, feels like silk now, compared to extremely dry before& no
      flakes of any kind. This week I had a Dr. appt.

      so I forgot & used
      the shampoo when bathing, you know it was sitting there & forgot, as
      soon as hair was dry , tons of flakes & it had been nothing for two
      months , with no shampoo.You need to brush your hair each day for
      aboutr 10 minutes to distribute the oils in your hair along with the
      no shampoo. Try it & let me know how it works for your son! Dandruff
      shampoos were always the worst for me.


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