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      Re: dandruff

      My daughter has dandruff as well. Head & Shoulder (or store brand)
      has always worked fine for her. But it sounds like your situation
      is worse.

      My daughter drinks so much water that I can’t keep up,
      that hasn’t change anything. (Although based on prior posts I wonder
      if it would be worse if she didn’t drink so much water.)

      Anyway, here are some home remedies you could try:

      – Shampoo every day, try using the dandruff shampoo with conditioner
      to add moisture

      – Believe it or not massaging the head really good, rather than
      scrubbing like most of us do, will decrease the amount of dandruff

      – When shampooing, leave the dandruff shampoo in for a few minutes
      (maybe while washing the rest of the body) this will give the
      medication in the shampoo to chance to work. If you can convince
      him to leave the shampoo in for a half hour to an hour with a shower
      cap on this would give the shampoo more time to work (what kid would
      do this though)lol

      – do not do this if you have blond or very light hair it could
      discolor it. but i read somewhere that using a tar based shampoo
      can work (never tried it). sebutone tar shampoo and mg 217
      Medicated Tar Shampoo were mentioned.

      As the pharmacist if you
      can’t find it.

      – Alternate shampoos if one seems to be too harsh on the scalp, you
      certainly don’t want anymore damage to the scalp

      – They also sell stuff at the drug store that can be left in
      overnight (requires that shower cap again). Ask the pharmacist.

      I would say if all the tips you get on this site don’t work call the

      Good luck,

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