Dammit dolls

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      Did a search on yahoo and found a few . . .



      (the last one above–I cut and pasted the directions below since
      they were in the middle of the page and might be hard to find)
      How to make a Dammit Doll
      What you need:
      Scraps of Material
      Stuffing–polyester or cotton
      Old buttons for eyes and belly button
      Yarn for hair
      Paper to make a pattern
      Make a pattern by folding the paper in half and cutting out a shape
      of somewhat like a ginger bread man. I copied the shape from a small
      cookie cutter that I had. It was easier to draw the shape first and
      then cut it out.

      I found a nice fat shape looks better than a thin
      one. After you have your pattern, use it to cut out two identical
      shapes. If you like, use pinking shears to make a ragged edge.

      one side, sew on buttons for eyes and belly button. Using some yarn,
      attach the hair at the top. I added a mouth to mine by using a cross-
      stitch pattern that my sewing machine does.

      Now, put wrong sides
      together and stitch around the edge, leaving an opening to add the
      stuffing. Add stuffing,(don’t over stuff it)and
      finish sewing up the opening. Write the following poem on a piece of
      paper and attach it around his neck:

      Whenever things don’t go so well…
      And you want to hit the wall and yell…
      Here’s a little dammit doll
      That you can’t do without.
      Just grasp it firmly by the legs
      And find a place to slam it
      And as you whack the stuffing out
      Yell, “dammit! dammit! dammit!”

      hope that helps!

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