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      This has nothing to do with saving money, but was such a great idea that I couldn’t keep it to myself.

      My mom (who is kind of nutty) keeps a pair of swim goggles in her kitchen drawer which she wears when she is cutting onions. She swears that it works.

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      Hi mamabyrd,

      😀 This is too funny, I have never heard of using swim goggles. We learn something new everyday. If it works that is all that counts….

      I usually keep my onions in the frig. And that works for me…

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      Maybe with this ideas I can get the kids to help me cut the onions. 🙂 they love wearing the swim goggles. Thanks for the suggestion.

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      Hey, whatever works! Right? 🙂

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      When I used to work at Quiznos we used to put a piece of bread in our mouths. Who would have ever thought eating bread while chopping onions would help? But it does

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      Mdowdy, I have heard of this tip (putting bread in mouth) it never worked for me what about you –Did it work for you?

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      It did at Quiznos the only thing I can think of that is different at home is the type of bread. Italian sub rolls at Quiznos to loaf bread at home, that may have something to do with it I have no idea

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      I will try this!! I love onions!!

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      I have this fantastic book called “How To Break An Egg.” Its a book filled with tips, tricks & advice for cooks. The book says:
      Light a candle & put it right next to the onion on the cutting board before you start chopping.

      The sulfur in the flames burns off the onion’s sulfuric compounds before they have a chance to reach your eyes.

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      I love onions too. I will certainly try this one also (lighting a candle). I always have candles lit here anyways.

      This sounds like a good tip….

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      I tried this yesterday, the goggles, I had tears, not from the onions but from laughing so hard. The boys were out when I put the goggles on and came in just as I had finished up and had not taken them off. The looks on their faces!

      :To funny: They had no clue what I had been doing! PRICELESS!
      Thank you not only for a good tip but a great way to get a laugh!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes General Recipes Cutting onions without tears