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      I LOVE hanging out my clothes. I do however NOT hang out towels and Jeans and underware. I dont like te stiff feeling of the towels and Jeans. I wash everything in warm and rinse in cold. Does it wash the same in cold? How about heating blankets at night? then turn the heat down. I do have to get new air conditioners for the summer. I run fans in the kitchen and the living room more than air conditioners though. I open the windows at night and close everything down during the day. We have a pool that i have the kids go in when they are hot and such.

      Tracy Feuer wrote: I was just sharing how we have been cutting back.

      We are on budget billing with our electric company we are all electric so last year our budget billing amount went to $249 a month.

      So we got busy.

      Started hanging clothes on the line

      replaced our lightbulbs with the low energy bulbs we replaced one bulb each week till the whole house was converted.

      We started washing all of our clothes in cold water.

      started using the dish washer on water saver cycle

      bought two window unit air conditioners and close off the rooms we are not using so we ac the living area during the day and the bedrooms at night. These window units cut our summer bills from over $350 to around $80 a

      In the winter we bought one of those oil filled electric radiators and close off the bedrooms during the day that oil filled unit heats the living area and the big heating unit doesn’t come on during the day.

      At night we do use the big central heat unit.

      We hope to use our tax return to install a woodstove this would help a lot on our electric bill.

      We recently were readjusted on our budget bill which last march was $249 a month now is $132a month.

      This came just in time because DH lost the good job he had in construction and now after three months of looking he has found a job but it is 4 dollars an hour less than he was making before.

      So we will need all the help we can get.

      Tracy in VA

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Cutting back on electricity