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      hi ya’ll,

      been here for a few days, just checking out what ya’ll have been talking about, and figured it’s time to jump in and introduce myself.

      my name is melissa (mel) nad i live in ohio. been here for about 3 years. single mom of 2 girls (21 and 16).

      my oldest has a 3 month old daughter nad they are all living with me, and me with the only source of income, so we are cutting corners everywhere and have been for years!! i cook completely from scratch, bread, baking, you name it and i usually dothe majority of itonce every 2 weeks and then we reheat ( i do use my oven for this since i am not a big fan of the microwave) i also use my crockpot alot, at least 5 times a week to cook rice, beans, baked potatoes, etc.. when it gets warmer i will be back on the patio using the BBQ grill to cook on so my house stays cool.

      we live on alot of beans and rarely eat meat (when we do, it is more of an accent). i am an avid reader of teh tightwad gazette ( i am actually on my 3rd copy nad will most likely be buying a 4th since i will probably be giving my current copy to my oldest when she gets married this summer.
      i rent a house from my cousin that was built in 1830 and it has been a real challenge to stay warm. the windows are single pane, there isa huge gap under the front door where the frame has settled and no insulation.

      last year my power bill jumped to almost 900 dollars for the month of february, and i knew i couldn’t do that again (the power company was great and let me make payments but it took me till september to get it all paid). so this year i took a new approach. i sealed my front door (we could still gte out if we had to) and we have been using teh back door to go in and out.

      i covered all teh windows with bubble wrap and then another layer of plastic, then made curtains out of blankets, lined with plastic and sealed them around the windows. i hung curtains between the main rooms and moved all teh beds into the center room. i have been able to keep my big heater on about 60, and running a space heater in the “family” room.

      a few nights, i even had to go sleep on the couch because i got so hot!!! my latest electric bill was still higher than i would have liked, but it is still under 300 bucks.
      i am looking forward to learning more from you guys and thanks for having me.


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