Curious about Bankruptcy

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      All I can say is ….WOW…. This is what I feel bankruptcy is for!!
      I am glad that it helped you. It is very hard to judge someone for
      something they have done, that others disagree with, without knowing
      the whole story!!
      I live in a neighborhood, middle class, where everyone ownes toys.
      You know the kind I am talking about the quads, trailor, motorhome,
      boat, jet skiis.

      In any combination. They also drive two brand new
      cars. These are the people that I am wondering about, the ones that
      get in over thier head, right in front of thier eyes.

      If you get
      what I mean.
      I think that Bankruptcy is a very personal thing. But I do have a
      side of me that gets mad when people buy, buy, buy and then have all
      this stuff and then go bankrupt to pay it all off. But there are
      always circumstances to every story.
      It would be nice of China to maybe tell her story and people would
      understand better.

      I was kind of taken aback by the way she wrote
      that this is something they are doing to get ahead in life. So she
      can get her house and car etc. I do understand that things happen in
      life that are totally beyond our control.

      I think she got very upset
      about the ‘tone’ that other people were talking in and didn’t
      understand the ‘tone’ that she was writing in. Maybe it was just me
      but she sounded very glib in some of the things she said.
      This is just my opinion and not intended to offend anyone.

      Central California

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