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      Cubed Steaks With Veggies and Gravy

      Dip cubed steaks in flour and layer them in your crockpot. Add 1 chopped up carrot, 1 cut up celery stalk, and 2 cubed up potatoes.
      In a small bowl, mix together one packet of onion soup mix, one packet of brown gravy mix and two cups of water. Pour this over your meat and veggies.

      Cook on low all day.

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      yummo! can’t wait to try this one!

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      Do you brown the cubed steaks first or put them in raw?

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      This sounds delicious!!! Thanks so much! I love cubed steak!

      When you say “all day long” do you mean 6 hrs? 8 hrs? 10 hrs?

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      Thanks, this sounds good. Love those crock pot meals.

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      Thank all. =)
      To answer the questions- I don’t brown the meat although you could.
      Also, it’s the usual crockpot cook time 4-6 hours on high or low if anytime over the 6 hours. I think it comes out better on low.


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      Just to give you guys an update… I made this dish the other night for dinner. First of all, how easy is this!!!!

      it was wonderful to just throw everything in & let it cook! now, i didn’t have a packet of gravy mix or lipton mix, so i used a can of cream of mushroom & a can of french onion soup instead of the gravy mix, onion mix & water. hubbie loved it!!!

      i’m not kidding! he raved & raved! – the only issue that i had was, usually crockpot recipes tell you to layer the veggies on the bottom & put the meat on top of the veggies.

      that way the meat doesn’t cook too much. i may try that next time & see how that works. this is a great recipe!

      thanks rma2009! 🙂

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      I put this in the crock pot this morning and the kitchen smells so good right now! My five-year-old woke up, saw me cutting celery and said, “Ew, we’re having celery for breakfast?” Obviously I don’t use my crock pot as much as I should!

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      I’m going to try this today…Thanks

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      I’ve got mine in the crockpot now!! LOL Supper is almost ready!! Thanks so much for the recipe rma2009!

      I will be thinking and thanking you for this! Have a blessed day all.

      love smiley:dance::occasion16:two cents

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      Hi all…I’m so sorry for not posting last night with the results from our supper. oh my goodness!!! it was such a hit!!!!

      we had leftovers tonight. rma2009, thank you again for such a wonderful recipe!! It was honestly, one of the easiest recipes ever.

      Take care all!! Have a wonderful and blessed evening everyone!!

      love smiley :bounce: love smiley

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Dump Recipes Cubed Steaks With Veggies and Gravy