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      Another tip…. when you buy a roast that doesn’t fit quite right in
      your crockpot if you freeze it as packaged, place the roast in your
      crockpot before you freeze it. Put the crockpot (insert only) into
      the freezer and freeze meat.

      Once it is frozen, remove from crock,
      wrap and return to freezer until ready to cook…. when you take it
      out, it will fit into your crockpot.

      > When I use my crock pot I first put an oven bag in my pot and drape
      > it over the sides of the crockpot. After I ladle all the food out I
      > take the bag out and dispose of it. My crock pot is clean with a
      > up.

      So easy……No the bag doesnt melt

      Jennifer Hoodjer


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