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      My sister in law makes this and it is great:

      In a crock pot goes:
      tomato sauce
      cooked chunks of chicken.

      let it cook all day. Stir it occasionally. Just before serving top with shredded cheese.

      Serve on tortillas. Yummy!

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      Sounds good. What proportions of rice to tomato sauce does she use? Also, is it minute rice or long grain rice?

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      I used 2 cups of rice because it was supposed to serve 4 but we have way too much doing that, so probably 1 cup would suffice. I used minute rice and 2 cans of tomato sauce with 1 jar salsa… You can tweak it to your taste as you experiment with it though!

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      That sounds good but I would use my homemade Salsa I use with my rotel and canned tomatoe stock pile

      1 can rotel
      1 can whole peeled tomatoe (14 oz I think)
      1/2 of a bunch of Cilntro
      1/2 small onion
      salt and garlic to taste.
      put it in blender or food processors

      yummy 🙂

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      This does sound good and easy too. I think I would use my canned salsa and tomatoes too 🙂

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      Very easy recipe! SOunds great! Thanks!

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      This sounds great. My 10 year old son loves to cook also, and he is excited about this being one of his recipes. Thanks for making his day.

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      glad we could be of assistance in a young one cooking

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      Awesome recipe!
      And so versatile.
      I substituted black beans for the chicken and rotel for tomato sauce and added a can of corn into the mix. Yummy to my tummy!

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      that sounds great! we do change back and forth and do ground beef one time and chicken the next, but beans would be a great addition

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      Sounds Great, Going to try it tonight!

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      This sounds yummy. Something easy to get started before work and have done by the time I get home.

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      actually, it only takes about 1 hour in the crock pot, so i wouldn’t recommend that you cook it all day like that.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Dirt Cheap Dinners Crockpot Spanish Rice