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      Crockpot “Pepperoncini Beef” – 5 star

      3-4 lb roast – used chuck roast
      several cloves of garlic – I usually use 5 cloves cut into thirds – but
      could also use 4 tsp minced garlic
      ? – 1 jar Pepperoncini peppers – seeded and Sliced
      2 medium onions cut in half and sliced
      Provolone cheese
      Hoagie Rolls

      Lay sliced onions in bottom of crockpot.
      Slice garlic cloves into thirds lengthwise, make slits in roast and insert
      garlic all over roast (depending on how much garlic you like).

      Put roast into crockpot and pour pepperoncinis and liquid over onions and
      roast, cook on low 6-8 hrs or until falling apart.
      I added a can of beef broth about 1? or 2 hours before done.
      Serve on hoagie rolls with provolone or mozzarella cheese, and your choice
      of condiments. Used provolone cheese and mayonnaise.
      **Be sure to drain juices or your hoagies will be soggy.
      When making the sandwiches, place meat in rolls, cover w/cheese, (zap in a
      microwave for a few seconds if desired).
      Don’t forget to use the pepperoncini in the sandwiches.

      God Bless You, Linda Lake

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      Tried this recipe a few weeks ago for the family, huge hit!! Tastes amazing, gave everyone I know the recipe!!!!

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      We call this italian beef and my family ADORES it!! I always make a super large batch and freeze dinner size portions in freezer bags. It makes a great ready to go meal for those busy days.

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      I make this but I use 1-2 pkgs of Good Seasonings Italian dressing sprinkle over roast, then pour beer or beef stock/broth. Pour 1/2 the Pepporincini jar in and the other half an hour before done. That’s it, four ingredients.

      Everyone loves it.

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      Gosh this sounds really good. I’d love to make it but what is pepporincini and where in the store do I find it?

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      Pepperoncini are those yellow italian peppers you find in the pickle section of the store. They can be spicy, so use with caution until you decide on the ‘heat” of the dish!

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      Thank you Shelly, I like spicy things so this sounds real good to me.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Dump Recipes Crockpot "Pepperoncini Beef" – 5 star