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      Argh. Bad luck on bad luck. I dropped the crockpot lid today and it broke. Any ideas on how to make a crockpot work without a lid? Tin foil?

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      Check you pot lids, you might have one that will fit on it. Probably not snuggly but enough to keep the heat in. Foil might work also.

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      Unfortunately I only have 2 pots, neither one even remotely the same size 🙁 It’s a good idea though.

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      Good idea Kim.

      I remember My son broke one of mine and that’s what I did, until I came across the lid that I needed. I was thrift shopping one day and found the lid to the same crockpot. What kind of luck was that….:045: It was a good thing that it was the round crock pot.

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      contact the manufacturer –you may be able to just get a lid

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      Look on Ebay. They have everything.

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      I think you are out of luck and will have to buy a new pot 🙁

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      I used foil and then a plate on top of that and it worked just fine until I tracked done a lid at the thrift store a few months later

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      how in the world do you make it with just two pots?

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      Look through your cooking pot lids and you just might find a lid you have to fit the crockpot. That is what I did when I broke my lid.

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      Thrift store is the way to go! I have seen many of them.

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      yes aluminum foil works great, thats what I have to do since I broke my lid also.

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      Ask on Freecycle. Someone may have a Crockpot that is not heating right, or broken in another way. (I ran across one a few weeks ago that the owners had cut the cord to send to the manufacturer) You might be able to find one that way.


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      Mine got broke at a church dinner. The gal who broke it found a replacement for me on the net. In the meantime, foil should work if you don’t have another lid.

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      My lid broke years ago, and I use a lid from one of the other pots I have, of course it is not the perfect fit, it sits inside the ledge where the original lid rested, but it sealed which is what you need to remember. If you still have the broken lid, you can measure the diameter, or measure the inside diameter of the crock and see what you have, if not you can do what other writers have stated go a thrift shop or store with your measurement and tape measure. Good Luck

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