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      With being a single mom & at $9 hr more then likely you can qualify for downpayment assistance or habitat for humanity.Contact your local county & nearby county to get help or type it in the computer & you find it. First you need to get a free credit report that u can get once a yr for FREE by contacting each of the 3 agencies. Even if you know it is your bill ,dispute it!(I got a $20,000 car loan removed this way & an old apt outstanding debt)Follow each agancies instructions on how to do it.You have 30 days from the moment u get the free report so don’t waste time!Then each company has 30 days to prove it is yours!Remember these companies get sold & etc so it can get lost & with only 30 days for them to find it not all of them can!. Some agencies will report the original debt then sell it to a collection company.You can only owe 1 of them. You maybe surprised at what you can
      get removed on your own. Then once whomever proves the debt is yours use tax money etc to settle with them at a lower amt.If you owe $4,000 they may settle for $400.ALWAYS TALK TO A MANAGER & NEVER TAKE THE FIRST SETTLEMENT!Also depends on the amt of time.If your report shows something that is 7 yrs old or older it is going to get deleted.Make note of the time it was reported & how far back it is.So some may be coming off in a year or 2 & paying on it isn’t feesible so just let it stay.Remember if you start paying them & contacting them they start the 7 yrs over again.It could take 3 yrs to pay them but you could have waited the 2 yrs & it would get deleted.Weigh the options there. This is all that companies that promise you to erase bad credit do. Also go on line to your county & usually under court records you can punch in your name & see what
      judgements you have.Can’t remove them if legit but you need to know. Just a little of what I did to get mine on track! Hope it helps. Margo

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